Vision Systems

SCOTT vision systems can be tailored to fit requirements using the latest vision and sensing technologies available.

Automated quality assurance solutions using machine vision technology can effectively replace the need for manual inspection. Each camera can automatically inspect up to 1200 units per second using pre-programmed tolerances to assess each unit.


Vision systems can be programmed to check cardboard thickness and detect details prior to box folding, once folded or assembled, glue lines, barcodes, labels, seals and flaps can be checked to ensure the product meets the stringent requirements of both the market and the retailer and is ready to ship.

Scott vision systems are able to be applied to anything that needs inspected, gauged, verified or guided. The possibilities of applications for machine vision systems in modern manufacturing is endless.

Common uses of vision systems:

  • Quality assurance
  • Gauging, colour variations, patterns etc.
  • PET and glass bottle inspection
  • Label inspection
  • Seal detection
  • Blob analysis
  • Colour analysis and filtering
  • Flaw detection
  • Vision optics



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