Waterjet Cutting

SCOTT Fabtech utilise a high precision waterjet cutting system. This system can cut complex flat parts out of most materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastics, glass, ceremics, stone and composites. This can be done directly from a CAD drawing or DXF drawing. Extremely hard reflective and non-conductive materials can also be cut. Our waterjet cutter replaces commonly used machining applications, not only producing parts in a timely manner, but also eliminating heat which minimises distortion and the associated problems producing accurate parts. These benefits make the waterjet cutter an extremely flexible and cost effective process.


General Specifications


  • Maximum sheet size

3000mm x 1500mm

  • Maximum thickness


  • Operating pressure

55000 PSI

  • Normal jet stream size


  • Mini jet stream size


  • Positioning


  • Repeatability


  • Squareness

0.17mm per metre

  • Straightness

0.25mm per metre

  • Backlash



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