SCOTT utilises a number of X-ray technologies, in a variety of industries including food inspection, mining, meat processing and waste recycling. In addition to installed production systems, the company also hosts a number of research and development projects investigating the further applications of x-ray imaging using techniques such as multiple energy analysis and computed tomography. 


Manufacturers of food products and pharmaceuticals are adopting x-ray inspection as a competitive marketing tool and to reduce costs. Scott’s X-ray inspection is a highly effective way to reduce the likelihood of contaminated or defective products reaching the marketplace. 

Additionally, Scott’s  X-Ray Grading System provides world leading meat processors with accurate real-time data on carcass properties. This allows optimisation of genetics and raw material management. The X-Ray Grading System provides the ability to optimise the cut specification to suit each individual carcass.

Food/Pharmaceutical Benefits:

  • See through packaging to detect contaminant inside bags, boxes, foil packs, glass jars, metal cans etc...
  • Detect a much wider range of contaminants, including ferrous and copper base metals, glass, stone and bone fragments, several kinds of plastics and rubbers
  • Detect smaller fragments, including stainless steel
  • Visually display the position and type of contaminant in the product
  • Not affected by product temperature or variations in salt, blood etc
  • Detect missing or damaged products

Meat Processing Benefits:

  • Yield Improvements: Valuable yield improvements are achieved on each carcass processed.
  • Increased Throughput: For installed customer sites, throughput and operational efficiencies in the boning room increase due to a consistent flow of product.
  • Cut accuracy: Improvements for the primal cut gives more weight in loin and rack product for every carcass processed.

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