Putting automation back into your hands with collaborative robots

Scott Automation + Robotics understands one of the most important elements of growing a business and remaining competitive is productivity. If a business is inefficient then a loss in production can occur which can result in a lower quality of work, discrepancies in output, unhappy employees and a loss in profitability. The results can be devastating.

Built for growth

Today, small and medium businesses (SMEs) must look at innovative new technologies that will create efficiencies and streamline production so they can remain agile in the market place.

Automation allows businesses to scale for faster growth and collaborative robots (cobots) are the ideal solution because of their adaptability to various industries and tasks, their fast and efficient programming and rapid return on investment.

Innovative by design

Universal Robots technology is making automation accessible to all types and sizes of business. The opportunities are endless.

A low cost robotic arm from Universal Robots can be programmed in minutes thanks to the intuitive touch screen user interface and innovative programming methods.

Experience and age is no barrier.  At Robot World 2015, we looked on as these children programed the UR3 to dance simply by moving the robotic arm.

With its patented technology, employees can easily program and set up these low cost robotic arms with intuitive, 3D visualisation. The actions of the robot are controlled and programed by a touch pad or by simply moving the robot arm to show the desired path of movement. The cobots are precise and can handle the smallest of parts with complete accuracy, which is of tremendous value to SMEs

Putting manufacturers first

The Universal Robots design and technology allows manufacturers to automate their existing production lines without the need to overhaul their production layout.

The small footprint, easy programming, short commissioning time allows SMEs to have the flexibility of automating different production lines at different times/seasons for small batch/seasonal productions.

Deployment times have been reduced from weeks to a matter of hours. For example it can take an untrained employee less than one hour to unpack a cobot, mount it and program its first simple task.

This is of great value to SMEs.

Automation is now being put back in the hands of manufacturers, which means businesses don’t need to pay for expensive integration and maintenance.

It’s all about making things as easy as possible for SMEs so they can focus on their business.

PLC Industries in Singapore installed two UR10 robots that proved incredibly valuable because they were easy to program. A single worker can now look after four CNC machines, which has increased output by 40 percent.


Today SMEs are looking for easy, cost effective solutions that create maximum impact not just for themselves but for their customers as well.

Learn more about our low cost robotic arms and how SMEs globally are using collaborative robots from Universal Robots.