Red Meat Technology Update 2014 Highlights

On the 22nd January, Scott Automation & Robotics, in collaboration with MLA & AMPC, invited executives from meat producing companies to the  Red Meat Technology Update 2014. The event is also a celebration of  BladeStop’s commercialisation.

The day started with a presentation of the latest red meat technologies . The guests were taken through the research and development journey and had a sneak peek on the technologies currently being developed.

The guests got to see the workshops and demonstrations of several technologies such as the MAR training cell, MAR remote, MAR palletiser, MAR rib cutter & MAR container loading.

The highlight of the event was the live demonstration of BladeStop™ which is uniquely designed to reduce risks of serious injury by mechanically stopping the bandsaw blade when the unit sense that a person has come in contact . As seen with the demonstration using a sausage, this technology can be a huge difference between just having a small skin cut and a possible amputated finger.

Some feedback comments collected from attendees:

“Well done to the SCOTT team. Suggest you do more workshops like this, maybe once a year”

“Please contact me to arrange a plant audit for automation improvements”

“Great to see the real demonstrations of the technologies”

SCOTT would like to thank all the guests, MLA & AMPC for attending the event and for the chance to showcase our innovative technology. See you at the next one!

MAR- Bladestop launch