Reduce Costs

High production costs translate to lower profits, and even in the most profitable of businesses it makes sense to reduce costs for a better bottom line

Whilst capital costs may be a major influence in the decision to automate, in actual fact automation and robotic solutions can not only decrease costs, they provide dramatic increases in production capabilities through increased speed, reduction of bottle necks and the capability to run 24/7.

Some industries in particular have high labor costs due to a lack of skilled labor and high turnover. Automation and robotic solutions remove the need to constantly find and train new staff, and allow current staff to be reallocated to more value adding tasks, which in turn can reduce labor turnover through improved workplace conditions.

The return on investment (ROI) for automation and robotic solutions can be surprising low, due to the increased through-put and higher product quality coupled with reduced labor costs.

Automating also reduces the need for staff to perform dangerous and physically demanding tasks, removing costly OH&S issues.

Case Studies

Five trends to watch in robotics!

Industrial robots aren’t known for their flexibility, but are precise and efficient tools in the manufacturing world. As the cost of sensors, components and vision systems drops robots equipped with vision capabilities are becoming more prevalent. The rise of vision capable robots is changing the industry dramatically. These changes are seen in China’s recent trends of 

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Top 10 Misconceptions About Automation

Businesses frequently react to the idea of automation with powerful objections, many of which are based on information that is obsolete, incomplete, or simply incorrect. Have you ever thought about automating the manufacturing processes in your plant? Whether you are an owner, production manager, manufacturing engineer, or machine operator, most likely you have thought about automation. 

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Robots create jobs

Robots & employment: Opportunities are bright for workers and their cobot colleagues We recently wrote about the fascinating impact robotics is having on manufacturers’ reshoring initiatives, but there’s more to the employment and robotics story. In fact, automation is proving to have a substantial—and positive—impact on manufacturing employment around the world, and studies continue to 

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Robots and humans working safely together – collaborative robots

Scott Automation + Robotics envision a workplace where humans and robots are able to work together in close quarters both safely and efficiently. Since adopting the collaborative robots (cobots) from Universal Robots (UR) SCOTT are now able to provide robotic technology solutions into high mix low volume manufacturing environments. Universal robots collaborative robot range are 

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Bladestop Safety Technology reduces Bandsaw Risks to Abbatoir Workers

Safety technology is providing improved safety for employees in the Australian meat processing sector, while reducing lost production time and compensation claims from injuries. Southern Meats, based at Goulburn in southern New South Wales have invested in several BladeStop™ bandsaws. Southern Meats OH&S Manager Claire Graham said four major incidents in five years involving traditional bandsaws 

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SCOTT delivers innovative Palletising System

A WORLD-CLASS Australian manufacturer with a string of leading brands behind it was clear on three points when it came to the automation of its new production line at its manufacturing facility in Sydney: eliminate occupational health and safety issues; reduce labour costs; and increase production capacity. Integral to the automation of the production line 

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