RoboCup 2014: the World Championship on robotics!

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup draws to a close, there is another international soccer tournament about to kick off in Brazil. The only difference is that the stars of the game are robots!

The RoboCup is an international annual robotics tournament founded by RoboCup Federation who’s ultimate goal is to collaboratively develop an autonomous robot soccer team capable of winning against the champion of the FIFA World Cup 2050. Every year, multiple tournaments are organized in different countries, where participating teams are from all over the world in various disciplines.

The RoboCup 2014 will bring the brightest mind in robotics and artificial intelligence in Brazil. The competition has 6 different categories, each with very different robots and purposes.

The organizers believe that combining the element of sport, fun and technology can encourage new generations to enter the field. The organizers also believe that the smarter AI that is developed as a result can help machines communicate with each other in real-time in a more efficient manner, with a wide range of potential applications

Source: RoboCup