Robotic Machining

Perform the exact cuts and precise movements needed to produce the highest quality parts.

Robotic milling involves adding the flexibility of an industrial robot to replace a traditional CNC machining application, such as drilling, milling, routing and cutting.


Robotic milling can be found in a variety of industry segments (but not limited to):

  • Aerospace
  • Motion pictures
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Robotic architecture
  • Robotic woodworking
  • Furniture creation
  • Robotic prototyping
  • Robotic sculpture and model making.


SCOTT can design and manufacture custom robotic milling solutions to suit the individual needs of your application.

Milling robots are capable of producing the highest quality complex and unusual geometries and quality parts. Automated robot milling systems can have flexible tooling designed to cater to specific material removal.

Milling robots can process a variety of different materials from alloys to plastics and from foams to timber. Any object of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the robot programming and end-of-arm-tooling.


Increase Flexibility – Robotic milling greatly increases the flexibility of milling compared to traditional machining centres.

Lower Cost – Robotic milling can be cheaper than CNC. Larger work piece volumes can be milled for a fraction of the cost of a large CNC machine

System Options

  • Workpiece positioners
  • Dust extraction
  • CADCAM Intergration
  • Servo Turntables
  • Robot Positioning Tracks
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Safety Guarding System
  • Dust Extraction
  • Safety Risk Assessment and Australian Standards Compliance


Software Options

  • Delcam PowerMill Robot 2016
  • ABB RobotStudio
  • Rhino / Grasshopper
  • KUKA|prc

SCOTT Robotic milling Package (contains):

  • High Speed Spindle
  • Robot fit-up kit (cables and brackets)
  • Variable Speed Drive (robot controlled)


Contact us to discuss your Robotic Milling / Machining requirements with one of our Solutions Engineers.

Case Studies

Robotic Art Sculpts Like a Manufacturing Michelangelo

For the last several years new media artist Quayola has been using industrial robots to sculpt what he calls “unfinished objects.” These are basically digital, glitchy remixes of classical sculptures—ones with no end, stuck in a gorgeous artistic purgatory. In his latest work, Sculpture Factory, part of Ars Electronica’s HUMAN FACTOR: Endless Prototyping, Quayola flips 

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Scott at RobArch 2016, Sydney.

  Scott Automation + Robotics are proudly sponsoring and exhibiting at the workshops for RobArch 2016,  March 15 – March 19 Sydney. SCOTT will be demonstrating collaborative robot technology with our UR10 Universal Robot and sculpting artwork out of polystyrene foam using the latest milling/spindle technology combined with a KUKA robot. Scott Automation + Robotics will be joining world-leading researchers from 

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The robots are coming

Artists turn to precision engineering as production costs for delivering an industrial aesthetic plummet Artists as diverse as Rachel Whiteread, Oscar Murillo and Yayoi Kusama are beginning to use the high-tech fabrication methods once available to only the most commercially successful artists such as Jeff Koons. Lower-cost robots that mimic an artist’s arm movements and 

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