Robotics Experiental Marketing at BMW brand store Brussels

Experiential marketing is a  type of  consumer marketing based on direct engagement with consumers  that enhances their perception of  your brand. It includes one-on-one quality interaction, direct connection  with your target audience and creates brand loyalty by creating a real  experience at the point-of-purchase with the consumer.

In the BMW store in Brussels, Belgium – they have created a special robotics attraction for visitors that engages the customer  in a special way

A KUKA robot awaits BMW Group Belux guests behind a cage of glass.
Mounted on the robot, which has a block of wood sitting in front of it, is a motor saw

What the audience gets to see is a fascinating application, in which the robot cuts out two wooden chairs of the block of wood.

Without any human control, the robot finds its path through the work piece…

…and the visitors get to take home some special souvenirs

The robot in the meantime goes to sleep until the next show

Source: Kuka Robotics

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