Robots and humans working safely together – collaborative robots

Scott Automation + Robotics envision a workplace where humans and robots are able to work together in close quarters both safely and efficiently.

Since adopting the collaborative robots (cobots) from Universal Robots (UR) SCOTT are now able to provide robotic technology solutions into high mix low volume manufacturing environments.

Universal robots collaborative robot range are user friendly, cost effective and extremely flexible.  The ability for them to be used in various environments  and for multiple applications  makes them an ideal solution for small to medium size manufacturers looking to increase production and reduce safety risks.As the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, Universal Robot’s range complies to the latest guidelines presented in ISO/TS 15066 and has a patented safety system featuring eight adjustable safety functions; joint positions and speeds, TCP positions, orientation, speed and force as well as the momentum and power from the collaborative robot.

A patented safety system allows the collaborative robot to operate free of safety guarding in 80% of the thousands of applications now installed worldwide. Setting up the adjustable safety features of the cobot and deciding if guarding is required for the application should only be determined after a full risk assessment is completed by a trained engineer.    At Scott Automation & Robotics we are fully equipped to provide this assessment with an engineer fully accredited by TUV-Nord and our team undergoing specialised training from Universal Robots.   In addition to providing a full risk assessment our teamcan train operators with no previous programming experience to set up and operate the robot in minimal time thanks to the intuitive 3d visualisation patented technology. Simply move the robot arms to the desired way points or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touch screen tablet.

Aeroworks in the USA have implemented Universal’s Collaborative Robots:

“We require our robot to communicate with three CNC-machines concurrently and that can be a challenging task. Thankfully, the programming features of the robot have enabled us to execute all complex tasks efficiently.”

“Programming and handling the robot is a breeze. It is reliable and in some cases, we have programmed the robot to run for 24 hours. Our favourite feature is the “teach function” which allows us to “teach” the robot on specific waypoints with minimal fuss by hand. Being lightweight is another added benefit that we find very useful.”


For more information on Scott Automation & Robotics’ capabilities with Universal Robot’s Collaborative robot range, contact one of our solutions engineers.