Robots Bringing WOW Factor in Entertainment

Have you seen the concerts of Bon Jovi and deadmau5? Were you amazed at the robot-driven video screens used in their performances? Well those set of RoboScreens are now bringing entertainment to sea.

Six ABB industrial robots with 100” video screens attached are dazzling viewers on board the Royal Caribbean Quantum and Anthem Class ships. The new cruise ships’ entertainment centres showcases live performances with cutting-edge visual technology, highlighted by six ABB RoboScreens attached to a gantry above the main stage.

The RoboSreens feature ABB IRB 6620 robots with a 100” Daktronics LED screen. With their 6-axis movement capability, the robots will be moving the screens to match the shipboard evening show’s music and choreography while still synchronising each screen’s display to form a cohesive image as part of the line’s high tech new entertainment venues.This brings the audience’s viewing experience to the next level.

“We are doing something that has never been done before,” RCI Executive Entertainment Producer Bob Kerns said in a video posted to the RCI website about the robotics and digital signage project.

Want to see more of these robots making its mark in the entertainment scene? Here are some more photos live on stage.

Photos courtesy of Robotics Arts.

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Source: Design News