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High-quality, lower-cost robotic automation for a wide variety of industries

RobotWorx, is based in the USA and has recently expanded to Australia. The business specialises in the trade and integration of new and used robots, parts and robotic systems.  After being acquired by SCOTT Technology in May 2014, the combined business provides high-quality, lower-cost robotic automation to a wide variety of industries.

RobotWorx’ custom integration expertise has firmly established the company as a leader in the robotics field, with a recognised ability to identify new market demands through the wider application of innovative technology.

The business specialises in developing custom workcells that match their customers’ specific application criteria. This often includes integrating multiple manufacturers’ robots with both new and reconditioned options. RobotWorx has completed thousands of successful robotic installations for applications ranging from welding to palletising since its establishment in 1992.

RobotWorx dedicated divisions in new industrial robots, used industrial robots, and welding robots allow them to cater to the variety of customer needs.

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