An article written by Ian Devereux, published in 1997 for the "Optimizing with Whittle" conference. Do you know if your Input Data is of High Quality? 

Rocklabs range of Pulverisers 1990

Early examples of Rocklabs Ring Mills (1990). From left: First CRM (Continuous flow Ring Mill); first mega mill (large batch mill); ring mill with lid open; ring mill with lid closed.

Rocklabs Multimill - The world's first pulveriser that could process 80 small samples at once.

Multimill Picture cropped
IMG E1154

Rocklabs founder Ian Devereux's business cards. The Image is of Ian standing next to a Rocklabs Ring Mill.

Rocklabs "The Proven Pulveriser". This advertisement was published in 1986, advertising the Rocklabs Ring Mill!

"Rocklabs Laboratory Ring Mills have proven their superior pulverising capabilities since 1969 in 400 laboratories throughout the world. Consider Rocklab's unique quality features and you'll understand why!"

Rocklabs 1986 Cambridge
Ian Devereux Crusher

An article about Ian Devereux, Rocklabs and the export of Rocklabs crushers, published in a newspaper in the late 1970s. A one man band plays export music on rocks


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