Save up to $15,000 off a Robotic Palletising Solution

Receive a discount of up to $15,000 when upgrading your existing system or purchase of a new Robotic Palletiser Cell.

KUKA Robotics has recognised that the SCOTT Group are a significant part of the global automation stage, and has authorised the company as a Global Key Account. To celebrate the appointment, Scott Automation & Robotics are offering discounts to all existing palletising systems for upgrading, and all new systems of up to $15,000.

What does the appointment mean?

The KUKA Global Key Account program gives Scott Automation &  Robotics access to leading technology, input into development of future technology, and KUKA team members across the globe from technical support to local senior management all of which benefits SCOTT’s customers.

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*Orders to be placed by 15/12/16 on existing and new systems. Both replacement systems and new systems installed must utilise KUKA robotics.

Find out more on the KUKA Global Key Account Announcement