Scott at RobArch 2016, Sydney.


Scott Automation + Robotics are proudly sponsoring and exhibiting at the workshops for RobArch 2016,  March 15 – March 19 Sydney.

SCOTT will be demonstrating collaborative robot technology with our UR10 Universal Robot and sculpting artwork out of polystyrene foam using the latest milling/spindle technology combined with a KUKA robot.

Scott Automation + Robotics will be joining world-leading researchers from Harvard, RWTH Aachen, MIT, ETH Zurich and IAAC Barcelona and experience the forefront of new robotic technologies and applications ranging from the construction industry to interaction design and creative practice.  NSW architects who attend 2-day Rob|Arch conference, 17th –19th March at Walsh Bay, Sydney will be awarded 10 hours of formal CPD, based on required learning outcomes.

RobArch 2016 is open to the public on their  open day – Friday 18/3/16  from 5:00pm-7:00pm

The exhibition workshop will explore interactive and intuitive robot motion control as a medium to explore non deterministic design trajectories and human-robot interactions. The workshop will focus on the development of custom user interfaces, including parametric constraint models and logics. Through iterative design charrettes, students will engage with ‘live’ robotics and build in groups dynamic ideation environments where human and robot actively engage with the space. Engaging scanning technologies, human interface devices, user tracking, we are placing the robot as a mediating device in a feedback loop which engages simultaneously with the digital and physical world in the now. Building custom UI’s we will actively explore and imagine how we engage with matter and the space once we are able to move things precisely, intuitively and interactively.

WORKSHOPS: MARCH 14TH-17TH, 2016 – Location: Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay and USYD

CONFERENCE: MARCH 18TH-19TH, 2016 – Location: Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay

RobArch 2016