Scott Automation & Robotics a key part of the ‘GPOP’

SCOTT’s Sydney office, located in Silverwater is a part of Greater Sydney Commission’s GPOP vision strategy for industrial growth and development in Sydney.

The Greater Sydney Commission visited SCOTT’s Sydney Office and interviewed General Manager, Troy Krogh. The GSC were able to review, monitor and assess the impact of SCOTT to the local economy and the importance of being a business located in the heart of Sydney. Scott Automation & Robotics employs of 70 staff locally in Sydney, and is part of Scott Technology Group, with over 500 staff worldwide. Scott Automation & Robotics are a part of the Scott Technology Group of companies and are a leading provider of automation and robotic solutions globally that improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors. SCOTT spans a wide range of industries including meat, food, mining and general manufacturing.

What is GPOP?

GPOP stands for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula — a 4,000-hectare area in Greater Sydney. It spans 13 km east–west from Strathfield to Westmead, and 7 km north–south from Carlingford to Lidcombe and Granville. By comparison, the City of Melbourne is 3,620 hectares. GPOP is the geographic and demographic centre of Greater Sydney. The Parramatta River flows east through the area and the planned Parramatta Light Rail will form the spine of GPOP.

The Greater Sydney Commission (the Commission) was established by the NSW Government to lead metropolitan planning for Greater Sydney. This means the the Commission plays a coordinating role in development, transport and housing planning across the whole of Greater Sydney. The Commission has specific roles and responsibilities, such as producing District Plans and the Metropolitan Strategy. Engagement and collaboration are at the core of everything the Commission does. We work across government, with communities, interest groups, institutions, business and investors to ensure that planning for Greater Sydney results in a productive, sustainable and liveable future city.

Greater Sydney needs a central city as its heart

More than two million people currently live west of Sydney Olympic Park. That’s around one in two Sydney-siders. In 2036, this figure will increase by one million. Yet everyday around 300,000 people travel outside of the region to work. Plans are already taking shape to focus on job creationin the west with a game changer on the horizon: the much anticipated new Western Sydney Airport. But this alone won’t alleviate the continuing strain on the established east, in and around Sydney’s CBD.

GPOP is on the cusp of significant revitalisation. We can expect to see immense growth and change in GPOP over the next 20 years and beyond — arguably greater than for any other part of Sydney. It’s a priority for the Commission to help develop the enormous potential GPOP has for its people, present and future. Together, community, government and private partners can co-create change in a positive way. GSP can take an approach that:

  • considers how to meet the wide needs and aspirations of the city’s people
  •  is collaborative, inclusive and embraces innovative thinking
  • is led by urban design and environmental excellence
  • results in commercially astute


For more information on the Greater Sydney Commission, click here.