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In Australia, SCOTT deliver 24 / 7 support providing your plant with certainty and reliability through breakdown servicing and scheduled maintenance programs. SCOTT are experts in Automation & Robotic solutions with fully trained engineers that can provide service for your entire plant. Whether you require support for an industrial robot, PLC’s, HMI’s, or general automation applications make SCOTT your first point of call.

If you are experiencing a production critical breakdown call your local 24-hour Service & Breakdown Hotline now:

Sydney, NSW +61 2 9748 7001
Brisbane, QLD +61 7 3348 9110
Melbourne, VIC +61 3 9335 4344
Adelaide, SA +61 3 9335 4344
Perth, WA +61 8 9248 4759
Rocklabs National Support +61 8 9248 4759

We can assist you to design, manage, install, assess, optimise, maintain and repair your complete automation and robotic systems.


The Service Advantage

Our aim is simple – to service the entire system at the highest level of performance to maximise your plant uptime and equipment reliability. By using SCOTT Automation for your service and maintenance needs we provide you with the following advantages:

  • One-Stop: One stop provider of support and maintenance for your complete system.
  • Reliability: Regular maintenance and servicing of your sites equipment ensure the smooth running of your manufacturing facility, minimising the risks of production critical breakdowns.
  • Uptime: Utilising our service and support ultimately provides your site with a reduction in lost revenue or excessive overtime by reducing the occurrences and length of unplanned downtime.
  • Safety: Regular servicing and maintenance of your robot, automation and complete systems increases workplace safety for your equipment operators.
  • Savings: Along with reducing the expenses of downtime, regular servicing and maintenance reduce overall product damage and waste.

Experienced & Trusted

  • Certification: Scott Automation + Robotics is Australia’s only accredited Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) supplier, a member of the Control System Integrators Association, an ABB Authorised Value Provider, have a “CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV Nord) and a technology partner for a range of industry leading brands.
  • Spare Parts and Upgrades: We provide spare parts and upgrade services for most major brands of robots and automation equipment. Also new and used robots are available for sale – see our Robots webpage or call now on the numbers above, to speak to one of our friendly service team about the part you are looking for.

SCOTT partners with leading automation providers and are the Approved Systems Integrators trained to provide expert service and support for a wide range of industry-leading applications.


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Core Service Areas

Preventative Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with conveniently scheduled maintenance.

SCOTT® Automation & Robotics offer scheduled robotic services for all new and existing robotic applications, PLC & HMI installations, servo drives, safety integration and automation equipment.

Remote Diagnostics

Our remote diagnostics tool is designed to immediately notify of a fault or breakdown and allow a certified programmer to remotely access the system for repair or monitoring.

Stops in production can be incredibly costly, and with any system fault or error, the main goal is to swiftly identify and repair, and resume production to minimise costs and meet production requirements.

Through our remote diagnostics tool, our certified engineers can access the system and ensures repair as quick as possible through fast fault identification, giving plant engineers support to get PLC, robot or vision systems back online as quickly as possible.

Remote Diagnostics has been designed with three core functions:

  1. Remote – Alert’: automatically emails a series of video of the fault to multiple email addresses if a fault alarm is triggered. This not only ensures that key personnel are immediately notified of a system fault, it ensures the necessary information for repair is available, making it easier to restore production.
  2. Remote – Live’: utilises 3G technology for real-time monitoring of the pre-set system area internally, enabling live video feed of production floor.
  3. Remote – Online’: gives a certified programmer access for repair through a private network once a fault has been triggered.

Robot Training

SCOTT® Automation & Robotics offers basic to advanced programming, operations and customised training for ABB and KUKA robots. These courses are offered at our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If preferred we can also conduct the training at your site. Training courses can also be customised according to your specific needs.

Our operator and maintenance training programs aim to maximise the benefits and features of your robotics; increasing productivity, promoting process improvement and reducing maintenance time.

  • ABB IRC5 – Operation and Basic Programming: This training is targeted to operators, technicians, engineers and robot programmers who will be Operating Robots and making basic program changes.
  • ABB IRC5 – Advanced Programming: This training is targeted to operators, technicians, engineers and robot programmers who will be programming or modifying robot programs.
  • IRC5 Electrical Maintenance: This training is targeted to technicians and engineers who will be troubleshooting ABB Robot issues.
  • ABB S4Plus– Operation & Basic Programming: This training is targeted to operators, technicians, engineers and robot programmers who will be programming or modifying robot programs.
  • ABB RobotStudio5: This training is targeted to technicians and engineers who will program projects of robotic cells. This is for new RobotStudio5 users.
  • ABB PickMaster 3: This training is targeted to operators, technicians and engineers who will be applying and integrating PickMaster 3.

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