Remote Diagnostics

Our remote diagnostics tool is designed to immediately notify of a fault or breakdown and allow a certified programmer to remotely access the system for repair or monitoring.

Stops in production can be incredibly costly, and with any system fault or error the main goal is to swiftly identify and repair, and resume production to minimise costs and meet production requirements.

Through our remote diagnostics tool our certified engineers can access the system and ensures repair as quick as possible through fast fault identification, giving plant engineers support to get PLC, robot or vision systems back online as quickly as possible.

Remote Diagnostics has been designed with three core functions:

1.  Remote – Alert’ automatically emails a series of video of the fault to multiple email addresses if a fault alarm is triggered. This not only ensures that key personnel are immediately notified of a system fault, it ensures the necessary information for repair is available, making it easier to restore production.

2. Remote – Live utilises 3G technology for real time monitoring of the pre-set system area internally,  enabling live video feed of production floor

3. Remote – Online’ gives a certified programmer access for repair through a private network once a fault has been triggered.

For more information on our Remote Diagnostics tool, please contact us