Strap Yourself in for the Ride of a Lifetime

What will you do if you see a big industrial robot in the middle of a theme park trashing riders at high velocity up in the air?

Imagine the thrill and rush of adrenaline you get from roller coasters plus practically unrestricted freedom of motion. Equipped with breathtaking sounds and light effects, sharp turns, hang upside down, rocketing to the skies…Robocoaster is definitely the ride that will not to be missed by thrill seekers.

Passengers are involved in the whole process as they can program the robots themselves. This ride can be extreme – it can pull twice the force of gravity, like a jet fighter experience – or it can be gentle like a cable car ride. The Robocoaster, which is based on the KUKA KR 500 heavy-duty robot, is the first robot to be approved for carrying human passengers.

Compared to conventional amusement park rides, the high flexibility of the Robocoaster is a major advantage. Using the PC –based KUKA robot controller, new motions would be possible. Another major factor would be its highly cost-effectiveness since they are no more expensive than other rides in the park and operate with high availability. Prime venues for use of the Robocoasters include theme parks, science centers, shopping malls, entertainment centres, amusement parks and leisure parks.

Here’s a selfie video at the Grand Pier, UK.

As of 2012, over 200 individual Robocoaster have been installed. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed their rides at the Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan, Legoland Deutschland, Legoland California, Legoland Billund, GrandPier, Mall of the Emirates, France’s Futuroscope, and China’s Jurassic Dream. Will Australia be next on the list?


Source: Kuka Robotics