Strong uptake for BladeStop bandsaw safety technology

There’s been strong uptake of the new BladeStop bandsaw safety technology since it was officially launched in late-January, before an audience of representatives from about 20 large processing companies.

Safety-wise, bandsaws have long been regarded as one of the highest-risk pieces of equipment on the fabrication floor or in the wholesale or retail butchery environment. But the new BladeStop technology goes a long way towards moderating that danger.  Beef Central covered the research and development process behind BladeStop in this earlier article.

Bandsaws are an essential tool in the meat processing industry, however they also pose a high risk to health and safety. Typically, up to 20 bandsaw cuts are required in breaking down a carcase into component retail parts, including bone-in items like T-bones and OP ribs. But bandsaw use can, and does result in severe accidents in the workplace. A high incidence rate coupled with significant injury costs, has driven the industry to seek effective alternative solutions.

Under an MLA Donor Company project over the past five years, ML Australia and equipment and technology company, Machinery Automation & Robotics, have developed the BladeStop technology. Its uses a bandsaw brake mechanism, uniquely designed to reduce risks of serious injury by mechanically stopping the blade when the unit senses that an operator has come in contact with it. The blade stops moving within 15 milliseconds of detecting contact with an operator, which can be the difference between a minor ‘nick’ and a major, debilitating injury like an amputated finger.

Sales have already been made into beef and sheepmeat processing plants in Western Australia, Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. They are going into as variety of applications, but the bulk of them have been installed in boning rooms and cutting rooms. Others have gone into further-processing and value-adding applications. One of the early adopters has been Australian Country Choice in Brisbane.

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Article Source - Beef Central-