Stuart Shaw presents at AMPC Vital Ingredient Conference

Scott Automation & Robotics Red Meat Business Manager Stuart Shaw presents on the latest in Robotic and Automation Technology for the meat processing industry.

AMPC - Vital Ingredient Conference

About the AMPC Vital Ingredient Conference

29th & 30th November 2016

The conference discusses processing and its role in a sustainable red meat industry.

The red meat industry’s importance to the Australian economy cannot be questioned. With industry value-added revenues (including flow on effects) of around $23 billion, ours is the country’s second largest manufacturing industry, and an employer of over 135,000 people.

Thanks to the “clean, green and safe” reputation of our product, we are the world’s seventh largest exporter, shipping 74 per cent of our domestic production. Being a trusted supplier of high-quality red meat means Australian processors and producers are well positioned to capitalise on the international growth in-demand for red meat, particularly in emerging Asian markets.

To successfully navigate the risks, processors and the red meat industry as a whole will need to adapt their operations to better integrate activities along the supply chain, respond to consumer concerns and increase the attractiveness of “brand Australia” in key export markets.

The conference will also feature the latest research and innovation in meat and food science and showcase innovative technology.

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