With the ability to sort and stack various lengths and weights of timber, place binding sticks and pick and stack multiple boards simultaneously, SCOTT  can tailor a solution specifically to meet your needs.

With our automated and robotic solutions for the timber industry providing a wealth of benefits, find out how we can help your business:

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Eliminate manual handling of timber and reducing OH&S risks – relieving staff from heavy and repetitive work
  • Utilise a flexible system able to cope with changing product and market requirements
  • Eliminate grade stacking errors

The flexibility provided by an automated and robotic solution allows stacking of short and long timber lengths in one easy-to-use system, eliminating the need for multiple product lines leading to dedicated stacking machines.

Robotic systems can sort and stack in the same process, essentially eliminating the need to pre-sort timber – a major advantage over conventional stacking machines.

Automated and robotic systems have incredibly high resilience, allowing them to work easily in dusty and saw-dust filled environments that are unpleasant or potentially harmful to staff.

This allows staff to be re-allocated to more value adding tasks, reducing the need for heavy physical work whilst simultaneously allowing a safer environment for staff through improved workplace conditions.

Case Studies

Robotic palletising system delivers production benefits for Australian manufacturer.

Incorporating a robotic palletising system into its new production line ensures that occupational health and safety issues are never a problem. As a world-class company with a history of strong growth and a string of leading brands behind it this leading Australian manufacturer was clear on three points when it came to the automation of 

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Stacking Timber with Robots

Gippsland timber company Fenning will be the first to use a revolutionary new robotic system for sorting and stacking timber, “Manual stacking is one of the toughest and most physically demanding jobs in our industry,” says Rodney Natty, Fenning’s general manager. Developed by Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) with FWPA funding, the robotic system sorts and 

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