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Automatic Guided Vehicles are commonly used for assembly lines or can also replace traditional in-floor tow lines. These Automated Guided Vehicles are most commonly ordered as tape guided configurations but are also available in laser, spot and magnetic-bar for maximum layout flexibility. Transbotics offers standard and customized solutions to meet the end user’s unique requirements. Below you will find examples of assembly and production vehicles that can be applied to various applications.



The TJ (Jackpin or mouse style) series vehicles are simple, cost-effective and an ideal solution for many assembly lines. You can have your system installed and working within just a few weeks of vehicles arriving on site with a typical payback of less than two (2) years. The common vehicle functions can be managed without operator bending or stooping.
The AGV can be operated manually or allowed to function automatically to perform complex orders and routing. Upon reaching a location or takt point, the AGV can automatically deposit or receive the load and then proceed with the next move order. The Jackpin-AGV can be programmed to load or unload without operator involvement.



Unit load assembly AGVs provide reliable movement of loads from takt point to takt point for a multitude of assembly environments. The AGVs are powered by AC motors for quiet reliability and low maintenance. Lithium batteries on board allow quick charging while key ergonomic designs allow operators excellent accessibity to perform their tasks efficiently. Transbotics has multiple models available and can customize a vehicle to your needs.


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