Heavy Load Transport AGV

Large capacity vehicles are utilized in a variety of industries. Steel, aluminum and paper mills all transport sizable loads. Transbotics offers Automated Guided Vehicle solutions for these and other heavy load applications.


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Transbotics’ automated guided vehicles reliably move coils, ingot, bar, plate and wire. We design to move your heaviest load safely. Applications include:

  • Hot and cold coil transportation
  • Steel and Aluminum Mill Automation


Applications have included paper mills, converters, printers, and plastics manufacturers. AGVs carry rolls regardless of process, temperature or weight and stored in racks, on the floor, in stands, directly loaded into presses or stacked in the warehouse. Benefits of using an AGV System include:

  • Improved safety with AGVs that move in a controlled and predictable manner with safety sensors for obstacle detection.
  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating simple jobs related to material movement, and reassigning those workers to areas where they can add more value to the company’s products.
  • Reduced product damage with gentle handling of loads.


Large capacity vehicles are utilized in a variety of industries beyond rolls and coils. We provide dye movers, blank transport, creel, aerospace, large frame and other applications.


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