Load Cylinder Transport AGV

Our cylinder-carrying Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) types carry multiple sizes and weights of cylinders. These AGVs come in either single steer drive or quad drive configurations depending on the needs of the customer and the flexibility needed for the layout. The AGV design allows for bi-directional traffic and/or movement in narrow aisleways due to its narrow frame. These AGVs use any of our guidance methods, such as Laser, Natural/Feature, Barcode/Spot, or Magnetic Tape. Transbotics offers standard and customized solutions to meet the end user’s unique requirements. For more information on any of Transbotics’ products or services please click below or call us at (704) 362-1115.


The AGV pictured above has these specifications as an example:

  • Quad Drive
  • Laser Guidance
  • 1,590 kg Capacity
  • +/- 10 mm Accuracy

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Transbotics Form for Load Cylinder Transport AGV



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