‘Transformers 4’ Blockbuster Filmed by Advanced Robotics

Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth instalment of the Transformers series. This billion dollar franchise stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz (“The Legend of Aang”) and Jack Reynor (“What Richard Did”). This film by director Michael Bay is expected to win the box-office crown handily, as all other big-studio films are avoiding opening against it.

There’s one awesome thing to know about the movie: robots filming alongside the Dinobots!

KUKA in Transformers 4

That’s right! Kuka lightweight robot played a role in filming the movie. CMOCOS (Camera Motion Control System) is a high-quality film and digital motion control system based on Kuka’s lightweight robot. What makes this innovation unique is that the robot’s seven axes are able to perform complex camera movements and tracking shots from a single static point. The system is so lightweight and compact that it was easy to take along the film set.

Certain shots like the multi-direction tracking shots taken from the car interior during a stunt wouldn’t have been possible without this innovation. The camera moves past actor Mark Wahlberg to the car exterior and then re-enters the vehicle from above through the roof. All these shots could only have been possible by using a lot of tricks and cutting open the cars.

Source: Kuka Robotics