Advanced vision system fault-detection technology achieves over 99.99% success rate on high-speed bottling inspection line.

An integrated vision system effectively eliminates all label and lid faults on the glass-jar products bottling inspection line for leading food manufacturer.

For a leading food manufacturer producing and exporting in excess of 700 food products – many of which require packaging in glass jars – demand at its state-of-the-art facility is high. With such a diverse range of glass-jar products being processed at the facility, unexpected product recalls due to undetected damaged, misaligned or incorrect product labels were accepted as an inevitable – if costly – consequence of the packaging process. Until now, that is.

Outperforming outmoded technology with ease

Eliminating faults from any high-speed production process is difficult. Add to that frequent product changes, a bottling inspection line that processes 600 jars per minute in a food-grade environment, and the challenges faced would seem, at first glance, insurmountable. Yet the solution – from programming, installation and commissioning through to comprehensive onsite training – created by Scott Automation & Robotics is surprisingly simple, thanks to advanced vision system technology.

Having assessed the site SCOTT elected to install two Cognex Insight vision sensors designed to detect both misaligned or damaged labels and lids mismatched to the selected product using barcode verification – all at high speed. The cameras selected are rated to IP67 and an additional seal/compound was applied to the LED lighting equipment, essential in any food-grade environment to withstand frequent wash down and prevent ingress into the equipment. This robust solution allows for easy and quick product changes as well as effortless replacement of equipment thanks to the M12 screw connectors (for the cameras) and the plug and socket system (for the LED lighting equipment). In fact, so effective was the solution that the Cognex Insight vision system easily outperformed the existing detection/rejection system.

Why Cognex works

The key to the successful outcome of any Cognex Insight vision system is simple: lens and LED lighting quality. With these critical components designed and manufactured to the highest standard the Cognex system guarantees precise capturing of images and produces in effect a 100% accuracy rate on any insulator inspection process. The performance is particularly impressive in view of the high speed at which the vision system operates. Even at a rate of 600 jars per minute the system is easily capable of detecting and rejecting faulty labels, completing a barcode reading and checking for correct lid colour. The vision system easily handles product changes with minimal camera adjustment by means of a single handle to adjust the lower camera, has the ability to perform pattern recognition to 1/40th of a pixel and 1/50th of a degree, and readily adjusts to changes in lighting, position and aperture.

Adding up the benefits

Integration of advanced vision system technology was all that was needed to achieve an impressive fault detection rate on its high-speed bottling inspection line. The system delivered many benefits including:

  • A turnkey solution comprising procurement of hardware, project management, installation, programming, commissioning, training and documentation
  • An integrated vision system delivered on time and to budget
  • A detailed functional description reviewed and approved by the customer prior to work commencement and hardware procurement, to assess label inspection system design, operation, vision checks and interfacing
  • Connection of the camera system to the PLC reject/alarm system in accordance with client requirements
  • Layout and manufacture of the control equipment and panel in accordance with both AS3000 and client requirements
  • Design and drafting of electrical schematics both for use during installation and for future maintenance purposes
  • On-site programming, installation, commissioning and training in Cognex vision system operation
  • Comprehensive documentation and manuals


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