Wood Expo 2013 – Innovation + Technology + Design

Machinery Automation & Robotics Timber Sorting SolutionTroy Krogh, General Manager of Machinery Automation & Robotics is attending Wood Expo 2013; a dedicated event for the wood processing and manufacturing industry.  The event runs in both Australia and New Zealand, allowing MAR to showcase their innovative robotic timber technology solutions.

Wood Expo 2013 is organised by the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA).  At Wood Expo Albury and Rotorua, the best technologies and innovations will be showcased from around the world including the very latest in processing, manufacturing and wood products expertise.

MAR has already taken innovation from theory to reality by developing a robotic sorting and stacking system for Fennings in Bairnsdale.

The robotic system sorts and stacks various lengths (0.9–6.0 m) and weights (up to 100 kg).  The system can place binding sticks, stack timbers of the same or random lengths, place short-length pieces end-to-end and handle multi-board layer and panel stacking. The system can sort and stack simultaneously, virtually eliminating the need to pre-sort timber—a major advantage over conventional stacking machines.

Automated and robotic systems cope well with dusty and saw-dust filled environments that are unpleasant or potentially harmful to staff. This improves workplace conditions by reducing the need for staff to undertake heavy and repetitive physical work in unpleasant environments and enables the staff to be reallocated to more valuable tasks.

Troy Krogh from MAR said the system reduces operating costs and material waste, increase output rates and manufacturing flexibility while saving space in high-value manufacturing areas.

Troy will also be demonstrating how MAR can help timber plants keep their competitive edge through automation and robotics along with exciting technology in machine vision and sensing technologies can make the back breaking labor associated with timber plants a thing of the past.

Wood Expo 2013