Workplace Injuries Unacceptably High

A new report published by Safe Work Australia shows the alarming number of workers known to have sustained an injury of severity requiring admission to hospital.  These various injuries affect a person’s health, through short or long-term pain, and may also affect their financial situation through health expenses and loss of income. Employers also incur costs relating to workplace injuries or illnesses, through lost working days, lower productivity and workers’ compensation insurance.

Over the studied three year period it was found the most common cause of work related injury was exposure to inanimate mechanical forces which accounted for 46% of work related hospitalisations with the most common bodily location being the wrist or hand (38%).  Furthermore 4.9% of wrist and hand injuries involved amputations with more than one in ten involving a manufacturing employee.  These figures should be a wakeup call for those in factories, operating plant and machinery that something needs to be done to improve Workplace Health and Safety.

Scott Automation and Robotics are committed to providing all industries with innovative solutions specific to increasing safety and uptime.  The Safe Work Australia report clearly shows more needs to be done to reduce the risk of serious workplace related injuries.  Our team of experienced engineers has already made advances in transforming safety in industries including food & beverage, foundry, manufacturing, meat & poultry, metals, mining,  solar, timber and a number of other industries providing automation of dangerous manual tasks.  SCOTT solutions eliminate the need to endanger employees, reducing the occurrence of work place injuries.

Safety within the manufacturing workplace is top priority. Automation of dangerous manufacturing processes is a great contributor to reducing the number of work place related injuries, purely because people are removed from the danger zone.

Here at SCOTT we would like to make workplace injuries a thing of the past by providing better solutions to dangerous and physically challenging activities.

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