X-Ray Primal & Middle System for Australian Lamb Company

The Australian Lamb Company (ALC), a medium sized family owned company showed larger companies the way when they installed Australia’s first x-ray primal system and quickly followed up with the installation of an integrated middle machine.

Darren Verrall family owner and General Manager – Operations believed that his company had to do something progressive and different from the rest of the pack to remain competitive.  With Scott’s solutions and support from Meat and Livestock Australia, the Scott Lamb X-ray Primal Middle system was this something different.

In addition to an increase in yield, Mr, Verrall attributes an increase in operator safety, reduction in on-going staff training, along with increased cut line consistency, as a direct result of the system.

Andrew Berry, ALC Marketing Manager states that one of ALC’s big USA retail customers proactively called Mr. Berry to enquire what had changed as he was consistently being supplied perfect product, and whatever ‘it is’, keep doing it and don’t change it.  This was two months after the installation of the system.

Mr. Verrall and the other family owners and Directors of ALC are so impressed with the outcome that they have ordered a repeat


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