Young Achiever Of The Year Award – Bryan Emmerson

Bryan Emmerson 01

Bryan working on one of his many projects here at MAR

Scott Automation and Robotics are proud to announce that Bryan Emmerson has won the Endeavour Awards Young Achiever of the Year Award.

Bryan has worked very hard here at SCOTT and the award is well deserved, he won the award based on his work on the following projects:


3D modeling project for the Red Meat Industry – Bryan researched and utilised commercially available 3D modeling software to create 3D models of meat cuts, primal and carcasses.  The ability to produce these 3D models has supported and assisted MAR with the development, adoption and commercialisation of automation within the Red Meat processing by;

  • enabling 3D models to be created and used for the design of automation components
  • enabling 3D models to be created for use in presentations, documentation, 3D layouts and simulations


iPad Apps for the Red Meat industry – increased adoption of MAR robot systems developed for the Red Meat Industry has driven a need for improved technical support and management mechanisms.  As a result, Bryan developed three iPad applications aimed at providing support to management and maintenance staff by enabling them to successfully keep their systems functioning with minimum assistance from MAR service.  The apps developed are:

  • Red Meat Remote – suitable for enabling management to monitor the robot system remotely.
  • Red Meat Service Tool – enables maintenance staff to report issues and send to MAR via email complete with video, photos and faults logs from the robots.
  • Red Meat HMI APP – allows maintenance staff to constantly monitor the cell and quickly identify any issues.


Product development of Bandsaw operator aid for the Red Meat Industry to reduce the risk of serious injury – Bryan further developed early generation software for Bladestop Pty. Ltd to the point where the BladestopTM product has now been commercialised.

Bryan provided significant commercial benefits to SCOTT and the ability to produce 3D models of meat cuts, primal and carcasses, provide meat processors with remote diagnostic & service tools, and improve safety of operators cutting meat deliver huge benefits to the Red Meat Industry including;

  • possible use in industry training
  • possible use for industry standards (eg Australian Meat to communicate detailed specifications and descriptions of red meat items/cuts)
  • improved operator safety
  • improved automation equipment throughput and efficiency